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Elevate your business to new heights by enlisting the services of a proficient and expertly trained virtual assistant.


In healthcare's digital era, technology is revolutionizing patient care. From electronic records to telemedicine. Welcome to the future of healthcare: where technology transforms well-being


Explore the future of education with EdTech – where technology transforms classrooms. From personalized platforms to virtual learning, it's a revolution in the making

Legal Tech

Experience the future of law with Legal Tech. From automated documents to AI insights, technology is transforming legal practices. Welcome to a more efficient legal landscape.

Digital Marketing Made Simple.


Experience the simplicity of digital marketing with our tailored solutions. Elevate your brand, boost online presence, and drive results effortlessly. Your success, simplified with us

Reclaim Your Valuable Time

Regardless of how you envision allocating your time, it belongs to you. At present, it may be concealed beneath a deluge of emails and trivial responsibilities. Allow us to rectify this situation.
Always reliable

Accelerate Progress Effectively

Experience a remarkable surge in your productivity with the addition of an adept assistant. It's akin to wielding a transformative force, propelling your accomplishments to new heights.
What we do

Let Our VA Handle Your Tasks

Choose your plan. Meet your assistant. Schedule a meeting. Breathe a sigh of relief. Life is good when you’ve got someone to take care of the little stuff.

Virtual Assistance

Is your task list becoming overwhelming? Entrust VertexLinq's virtual assistant to alleviate the burden of your burgeoning routine responsibilities, allowing you to refocus your efforts on business expansion.

Back Office Support

As a business proprietor, you're well aware of the substantial efforts required to maintain seamless operations. We specialize in tasks such as claims management, data entry, research, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling plays a pivotal role in streamlining business operations. By efficiently managing and organizing appointments, a business can provide a seamless and convenient experience for its clients or customers.


Schedule a consultation to find your ideal bookkeeper. After interviews, our dedicated account manager and your chosen bookkeeper will streamline tasks, letting you focus on your priorities

Sales and Billing

Hire an outsourced sales representative for sales growth, cost savings, and streamlined operations. Eliminate payroll tax worries and recruitment hassles. Optimize with a proficient billing service for business benefits

Technical Support

Engaging in outsourced technical support can enhance the operational efficiency of your business, enabling you to better cater to your customers, expand your customer base, and optimize the online presence of your business profiles and pages.


What clients are saying

“Our team deals with sensitive data and our customers trust us to keep it all secure. That's why we trust VertexLinq, because we can't afford any data loss or outage.”

Samantha Jane
Lark Productions
“When we contacted VertexLinq we had just been hit with a major marketing issue. They took immediate action and handled our issues within hours.”

Jake Warren
GM Studios
“We had worked with other outsourcing firms before, but it was clear from the outset that VertexLinq is different. The results speak for themselves.”

Kim Smith
Squant Media

We draw in and keep customers by providing compassionate, insight-based support.